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David and Michelle Seiler, Realtors at Preferred Home Brokers.

Preferred Home Brokers assisting homeowners for over 35 years.

We are here to help assist you in any area of Real Estate. Specialize in Residential, RentalsSecond Homes, Distressed, Foreclosures. Whatever your situation we can help you.

We understand that buying or selling a home is a very big decision and we look out for your best interest. We don't just walk you through the transaction we also explain it so that you understand the important decision that you are making.

Buying We will listen to your needs and whats important to you. As a buyer, we set you up with specific tools to customize your search. You are informed of any market changes that apply to your home buying experience. You have access to the MLS to search any listings that you see on market from our live feed so not delayed information. Will provide you information to help you when you are ready to offer on a property to help with your decision making. We work hard to make this a very pleasant experience for you, especially in this market we are in now which can be very challenging.

Selling- We work with traditional sellers that have equity, distressed homeowners that have to short sale or banks that do foreclosures. We work with each different type of seller to provide you services that apply to that given situation. In a traditional sale, we provide you specific strategies, marketing, different tools to help sell your home. In a distressed sale- short sale we are very compassionate to this very difficult time in your life and deal with it delicately but aggressively to avoid foreclosure. We offer help and can sometimes try to help relocate you and your family. Foreclosure sellers- we have relationships with certain banks to assist them in listing a foreclosure and selling.

Know that David and Michelle Seiler are here to provide you with information and tools to assist you in any situation that you are facing in this ever-changing real estate market. Real Estate is always changing but we will keep you up to date on all of that to give you the best experience in these challenging times.

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